101 Lessons on business and war

Explore lessons on how history’s greatest battles and the wars that shaped them can be applied to business today.   

An End for Enoch

Explore Christianity in a brave and fictional adventure that starts the end of the world. Follow the biblical Enoch, still alive and well, and still with an important part to play in God’s plan for humanity’s redemption.

Brick & Click: What's the Trick?

A Four Cornerstones Book, written specifically for retailers who want to learn about how to build and grow their brick and mortar operations, alongside a robust digital business that can target customers far away from home.

Brian M Kennedy

Business, Religion, and Fiction Author


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Brian M Kennedy

Apparently, we are all talking about Rome. How about we consider how the rise and fall of the Republic and the Empire could potentially save your business.

Brian M Kennedy

Brian's Four Cornerstones series helped me to focus on how things are connected in sustainable business growth. If you are a small business owner, don't leave home without it.

Steven Shay, Mile High Construction Associates

This author has an impressive grasp on how Biblical principles translate to real world problems and solutions. It doesn't matter if he's writing about finances or just telling stories, he can shine a light on some of the best truths we should already know.

Michael Parker, Green-Powers Partners

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