I was born in Northern California in the midst of the giant coastal redwoods, just miles from the ocean.  After completing high school early and some college, I moved to Arizona and started my longest running business at age 19.  I acted as the chief software developer and eventually the CTO of a technology company I cofounded; as well as pursuing other business opportunities. I began writing in earnest in 2005 and write both fiction and non-fiction. In early 2015 I moved to Grand Junction, Colorado and have been exploring the state and welcome its much cooler climate. Though I’ve seen days that get into the low 100s here, they are nothing like the 115 degree days in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona.

I attended DeVry University for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. As an entrepreneur, I started my first company at the age of 17, in Fortuna, CA. I haven’t been able to kick the habit since. I currently run several companies and am involved in quite a few ventures as an advisor or member of the board. I found writing at a young age, and have been working on 20+ manuscripts that I hope to bring to life over the next 5 years.

I study philosophy, technology, medicine, crime, languages, culture, and history to bring together my fictional stories and rely heavily on my business and entrepreneurial experience in my non-fiction works. My personal interests range from movies to music, from technology to ancient history.