This is something of a new thing for me. I tend not to be an overly public person. That being said, I definitely need additional creative outlets for my writing. So I have decided to start doing a regular set of updates, one about my personal life, one about the process of writing and the business of it all, and one that is simply a short story. Who knows, if my short stories are liked or interesting enough maybe I will eventually flesh those out into a full-blown book or screenplay.

So for this post, and the future ones titled “Writer’s Life” I will focus on things that are going on in my personal life. I think some background is necessary to get this series off the ground. To begin with, being a writer is largely a “side gig” for me. My day job is as the CEO of a small portfolio company that focuses on developing companies in the technology sector, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence and companies that can benefit from the services those companies can provide, as well as the Chief Technology Officer of, a safety focuses AI company.

I have been running this company, SIMVISR for about six years. My wife and I founded the company after leaving our previous company and moving from Phoenix, Arizona to Grand Junction, Colorado. In terms of being a writer, I have done it on the side for nearly 20 years, with some of my manuscripts actually going back as far as my early teen years (25-26 years ago), having been fortunately converted to a digital format so they are easier to preserve. My “active” writing career has consisted mostly of writing materials for my children’s education (newsflash – we homeschool), social media and blog posts, as well as web content, the occasional short story, some comedy writing, and comic content we have put out there. The TL;DR; most of my work has been in marketing and humor.

Recently, with COVID-19 ravaging the world I have had a lot of extra time cooped up indoors. That has meant a significant amount of time that I can dedicate to writing, which as you can imagine I did as every committed author does, I hardly wrote a single word. I will admit I have some fear around writing, and my skill or lack thereof. I think, and have been told that I have “great” ideas, but that there is some amount of rawness to my expression of the written word. I am okay with that, and will explain the pains around that in another article.

The purpose of this article is really to give a brief update on how life is going. As I dig into this it is important to say a few things about myself. First, I am a consummate overachiever. I do not think I have always been this way, it sort of just worked its way into my life. My portfolio company wholly owns 14 subsidiaries and has several partially owned entities that I have some degree of management influence in. I also live on a small farm that I am trying to prove out technology ideas for that can improve the lives of small farmers. On top of this – I am a musician and aspiring pastor that is looking to put together a new church concept, with its focus oriented on youth, instead of adults as the primary congregation. Most importantly, I am in school for various things to continue to increase my knowledge level in a number of areas I am pursuing expertise in.

So as you can imagine this is a very busy life for a “writer.” I have finally established a good writing schedule, and have even fleshed out these basic exercises (short blog writing) to help advance my skill. A long introduction I realize, but I think it important to kick off this ongoing series. So that leaves us really with little room to discuss the ongoing issues of life, but I will give it the old college try nonetheless.

So to be brief, since I have already exhausted my target of 500 words for this article, I will list off a few of the challenges life is currently throwing at me. The first is a recent spider bite that despite my fervent hopes has not granted me any supernatural powers. It has instead left me with a significant amount of soreness on my left side, and a small hole in my abdomen that does not want to heal a the pace I would like it to. The second thing is a certain amount of turmoil in my portfolio company creating stress as we reorganize and set ourselves to emerge from the lockdowns of COVID-19. This reorganization has created a number of very time consuming issues, and as I can see when I read back content from short writing exercises has more than certainly affected my mood while writing. Thirdly, and honestly lastly for this article, I watch as nothing happens on my farm with a certain amount of sadness. Scrub brush is growing, not plants or animals. It will come together, but not soon enough for me.

Thanks for listening, or reading – however you want to think of it. If you read this, I appreciate the attention.

Brian M Kennedy, for the time – Aspiring Author.