I have had this novel nearly complete and sitting on my digital shelf for years. I wrote it because I wanted to take a little break from some of the serious pursuits that fill my life and days. In all honesty, its really far off the beaten path from my usual work, writing, and exposes a side of me that only those who are most familiar with me ever see.

This novel is fun, or at least I hope it to be. It is probably a little more grown up oriented than the typical mythical creatures book, though not full angsty teen fiction. The premise of the book is quite simple, a single fairy who lives in San Francisco, and how he navigates through a brooding breakdown of the hidden pixie society.

What is unusual about this particular book is what came from it, not the book itself necessarily. About six and a half years ago our company opened a store called Toasted Pixie. The store was initially conceived as an e-commerce brand, and themed lightly with the characters from the book. At first it was just imagery and some stories, but as the store materialized into a full brick and mortar retail location in Grand Junction, Colorado the personalities of the fairies and other characters from the book began to materialize more often.

Today, the company relies heavily on the characters from the book for its branding and marketing campaigns. Two characters from the book, Tawdd and Darla, have become a constant fixture in both radio and online media. This has obviously allowed me to expand the Timothy Brimble story, and send my imaginary fairy constructs around the world and creates and outlet for me to explore how the fantastic interacts with the ordinary.

On the radio side a local radio commercial that runs on several stations features Tawdd and Darla and their worldwide adventures to locate new products for the Toasted Pixie store. Two great voice actors typically read a shortened version of our monthly letter. That monthly letter is where the real fun for me is. Working with our new editor I will get to create new, regular monthly adventures that extend this awesome universe, and allow people to continue on with the Timothy Brimble story through Tawdd and Darla. We have several out there, and have had a few runs of the commercial on local stations.

Read the Tawdd and Darla Letters Here

The bottom line point is that it has finally become important that this novel sees the light of day. I thought putting this out here would nail an announcement up so that I have some responsibility to get this done, and to get it in print, digital, and hopefully available as an audio book soon. My goal is is the summer of this year. I think it will be great for both my battered ego as an author, and for the store. I know it is a strange tie in – but I hope the two can benefit from each other for a long time.

If you have not done it already, take a few minutes to check out the store, it is filled with fun and quirky products, just what you might think were selected by a globetrotting pair of pixies. Also, buy something. It helps pay the bills and keeps me able to write, without our family of companies bringing my story ideas to the world would be impossible! Thanks for reading, and wish me luck.

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