Writing and getting published is a complicated mess. If you talk to some author’s they will tell you it is like striking gold, for others it is like gold struck them. The verdict is out for me. I have worked with an agent. I have submitted manuscripts. I have printed a book, I have submitted articles to publications, and I have written for blogs for many years.

Even after all of that I would only say that I have scratched the surface of what it means to be a writer. Of late I have had some “interesting” people looking at my unpublished works. I’ll save the details on that until I am much farther along, but needless to say it has pumped a little excitement and urgency into my efforts as a writer. As a writer though, and one that I can say has the fortunate position of being able to hire a network of people to support me – ultimately via my business – I am quite lucky.

In my previous attempts to reach the published world I clashed with editors, missed deadlines, and generally hated the process. It was too complicated, some of the people were too uncaring, and often I just disagreed with what I was told. To me, I was producing some potentially great artwork, and I did not really want to hear that my lovely hard wrought Picasso was actually a third-grade quality hand outline.

The past is not what this series will be about. It is about now. It is about the business of putting together a book, and getting it out there to the world in the form of print, and hopefully shortly afterward, in audio format where it is appropriate. Being the overly ambitious person I have unseeingly become I have decided to work on three books simultaneously, in three wildly different genres.

The first is tied directly in with another venture that I have, and I can say the branding and theme of that venture came largely from this manuscript – but I have talked about that before in a previous article. The book itself, currently titled The Adventures of Timothy Brimble is a book about a fairy, and I would generally consider it a humorous adult oriented work of fiction. The second, titled 101 Lessons in Business and War is a decidedly non-fiction novel about how wars and battles of the past can help us learn about how business works today. The final book, part of series, is called An End for Enoch. This book is about the biblical character Enoch, and is a fictional telling of Enoch in the modern day, and the struggles that ensue as a result of that.

As you can see from previous blog posts, intentions had been to bring two of these books to life years ago. Life happened. This plan, this position in life is much more conducive to the opportunity to complete these works.

Approaching three books at once may seem insane, and perhaps it is, but it works for me. I have crafted a pretty manageable writing schedule and even hired an editor on my own staff to help me through what I consider the most painful part of this art, getting negative feedback and altering my final product in a way that I find acceptable, and that can help me better present my story to my readers.

I will start by saying I am using some interesting tools. I will recap those in a future issue, as I want to preserve this issue for general introductions. With this series I intend to update on the progress of each of these three books, the hangups I run into, the business processes and mechanics I undergo, all in pursuit of getting those books sold and into the hands of readers.

I hope I can entertain and keep interest for the duration of this process, and look forward to sharing with you the details of going from aspiring writer to published author. Thanks for the time.

Brian M Kennedy