You’ll feel a difference right away when using the Lifepro Sonic FX massager thanks to its built-in heating technology, which uses warm, gentle heat, to help soothe tired muscles. Their massagers help people receive relief straight from the comfort of their couch. Combining heat with powerful, percussive vibrations, this is a two-in-one punch that delivers instant relief. It’ll also gently heat up if you want it to. There are four preset programmes with three intensity levels, so you can find just the right mix of stretching and massage for you, and if you want to turn things up a bit there’s also a heat function and the option to have a gentle vibration massage. You can opt to turn the heat on/ off, and the massage nodes change directions on their own. The massage nodes are made from squidgy gel rather than being solid, to give a more ‘natural feeling’ massage, and as usual, you can change the direction of rotation if you want to mix things up a bit, and there’s a gentle heating function for added relaxation. If you want something more specific, check out our guides to the best massage chairs, the best massage guns, the best foot massagers and the best foam rollers.

It’s a little bit like one of the best foot spas, then, only without having to get your feet wet or fill the machine with water. I tried out this device and found it much more comfortable than other models on the market, like the Renpho eye massager. The Renpho Cordless Handheld Massager uses infrared light to help improve blood flow and its rechargeable battery will last for 140 minutes on a full charge, but to prevent you overdoing things, it’ll automatically shut off after 20 minutes. This will help to reduce stress and tension in the jaw muscles. The 360 degree spin design can be used anywhere on the body, and rolling it over tight muscles boosts blood circulation and creates relief almost instantly. For targeted relief of tense muscles wherever you are, the Beurer MG 10 massage ball is just the thing. The best thing about this massager is it can be secured to any car seat or office chair, so you don’t have to be at home to use it and instead you can get relief from aching muscles throughout the day. I used the flat head attachment on my shoulders and middle back and found great relief post my workout.

Download the Hyperice app and test out guided workouts for muscle relief. With 20 speed levels and 15 massage heads, you can continuously test what your muscles need before jumping into anything that might feel too harsh. This percussion massager also uses deep tissue techniques to knead your muscles and ease tension through its pulsing motion. The Therapist Select Plus Percussion Massager by Homedics combines six intensities and six different attachments allowing you to personalize your massager to your liking. CONVENIENT USE: The removable, washable liners on the Homedics Therapist Select Foot & Calf Massager let you keep everything clean. While it’s a little noisy, and quite expensive, overall we think it’s the best foot massager you can buy today. One of the best massage guns around, it delivers strong bursts of pressure to blast away knots and tension while improving blood flow. 【Portable & Gift Option】- This knee massager only weigh 2.7lbs, comes with a stroage bag, easy to carry it around, you can massage the knee at home or in the office. This small and light (141g) massage ball will fit nicely into your travel bag, and it’s super-cheap too.

It’s a small (7.5cm diameter) vibrating ball that’s designed to activate and regenerate tense muscle groups through trigger point massage, and it’s versatile enough to be used anywhere, whether you’re standing, lying down or sitting. This machine works quietly, and is small enough to put on a side table. Electric recliners, which are powered from standard 120-volt outlets, feature control buttons on the side or a handheld remote. Lighted Buttons: It comes with two lighted buttons which made of rubber, more comfortable, easy to operate. It’s surprisingly effective and soothing – it’s not designed for medical use, but reviewers have commented that it’s great for relieving back pain, delivering a satisfying stretch (head to our Homedics Stretch XS review for more). A 2021 research review suggests that relaxing massage during pregnancy may help alleviate pain, boost mood, and improve sleep. The Sonic FX reaches deeper and goes harder into your sore spots than similar units at its price point, to help relieve tension more effectively. Plus, the brand says it features quiet operation and offers up to 33 pounds of pressure to help bring your tired muscles back to life. The cordless massage gun is truly portable and allows you to treat aching muscles at virtually any place.

However, in our Homedics Gel Shiatsu portable pillow review, our tester found it hard to get (and keep) in place for a satisfying massage – other reviewers haven’t had this issue, so it might be a personal thing. If you want a massage pillow that doesn’t require you to sit next to a power outlet, try this gel Shiatsu Portable pillow from Homedics. Cordless massagers with batteries are way easier to handle and maintain if you want to save energy. Smaller, lighter, gentler and much cheaper than its more serious sibling, it’s still a good way to ease up a stiff neck or sore calves whenever you get a twinge. The best massagers offer an easy way to relax tense muscles, soothe aches and pains and improve circulation. Rather than pummelling your muscles, this massage mat has air chambers that inflate and deflate to guide your back, shoulders and hips through a series of supported stretches that you can relax right into. Like the Homedics option it’s designed to imitate yoga and stretching exercises, and it has seven air chambers that inflate in order to give your shoulders, back and neck the attention they need. Designed like a chair, this home massager offers up 14 different massage programmes of varying style and strength.

The Shiatzu style massage heads are firm but effective, and you can switch between clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. This is the best massage gun for serious aches and pains, with nine intensity levels and 10 different massage heads so you can find the right combination for you. As they are bigger than the nodes on the removable massaging heads and the ones on the floor, they will act more globally on your feet. Despite the compact size, you still get 12 nodes and two levels of intensity. It has a powerful motor delivering up to 3,600 pulses per minute, with 5 speed settings so you can find the right level of intensity for you. We also love the ultra-quiet brushless motor. Designed specifically for those seeking the ultimate relaxation experience, this chair boasts dual motor power, allowing for infinite adjustments to the back and footrest. The high-powered motor delivers consistent, high-penetration vibrations.