I am working on the finishing touches to the Apple iBook version of 101 Lesson On Business and War. The plan at current is to officially release it on November 15, 2017. If you’d like a preview copy (which should be available November 5th, 2017) please send me a message and let me know at brian@simvisr.com. If you are with a media organization or interested in reviewing the book please contact me as well, I am searching for reviewers at this point that can add some color from a third-party perspective as to what to expect from this book.

In conjunction with this release, our new BusinessAndWar.com website will be officially launched. This website, which is already live, will have kickoff special pricing for the first title in this series (planned to be a series of 4 books). The website will include a weekly podcast related to the Business and War series, and provide tips in the business strategy realm. It will also include blog posts related to Business and War, and how you can apply lessons from history to your own business.

This series has been a labor of love for me. I started writing the first book over eight years ago, and have spent years researching battles, ancient leaders, wars, and businesses across the world to come up with my 101 lessons. The goal of the book is to bring history lessons about wars to modern business owners in a way that can be applied to their own business to make strategic improvements from the masters of battle.


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