Upcoming New Works

The Mythical Folks, Book 1: The Adventures of Timothy Brimble

A fairy born and raised by his single father in the difficult hidden world of the fae in the fringes of the familiar San Francisco, California. See the world from a smaller perspective and understand why the quirky little flying folk have kept themselves a secret for as long as they have, and the dangerous repercussions of those who want to expose them.

The first book in “The Mythical Folks” series by Brian M Kennedy, available soon.

Business and War, Book 1: 101 Lessons on Business and War

Can you imagine what Julius Caesar would have done if he were at the helm of a major corporation today? How about Genghis Khan? Delve into the deep and meaningful relationship between business and war that has been observed in so many copies of “The Art of War.” Look into historical events and figures and see how the decisions they made can be translated to real-world applications for business.

The first book in “The Business and War” series by Brian M Kennedy, available soon.

The End Chronicles, Book 1: An End for Enoch

What would you do if you were the last guardian of a secret that was millennia old? Follow the adventure of Michael Enoch Atlas, a man on the run, as he tries to keep his secret – and his life. Michael’s secret is so important, and the object he carries with him so priceless, that the fate of mankind is in the balance.

The first book in “The End Chronicles” series by Brian M Kennedy, available soon.

Titles in Progress

The Epic Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare

Horatio was the son of a great tortoise. He had duties, responsibilities, and loved causing trouble. Marta was a hare. Supposed to be strong, a defender of the kingdom, and destined to join the legions. Something was brewing though. Something that would take the lives of Horatio and Marta and put them in a race to save everyone.

Life in 89 Minutes

There’s only one thing that can ruin the suicide of a determined man, and that’s children. Cute, cuddly, adorable children – which he had always hated. Sometimes life has a way of throwing you a curve, just when you least expect it, but often when you most need it.

Business and War, Book 2: How Ancient Rome Can Save Your Business

The people of Rome managed to keep an empire around for quite a while. Along the way they made every possible business mistake there was. Learn from Ancient Rome’s mistakes and keep your business running smoothly for a long time to come.

Business and War, Book 3: Surviving The End

In the fast-paced world of the entrepreneur, one thing scares everyone, FAILURE. Learn how people across history have lived through the rise and fall of empires and from it learn how to move past your business falling apart. Find inspiration, and get started with your next venture, learning from the lessons your failure can teach you.

The End Chronicles, Book 2: Legion

A series of bad dreams leaves Alan Chase unable to sleep and detached from the people in his life. In an effort to get to the bottom of it, Alan discovers that he is a part of an age-old plan that has involved some of the most important people in history. In this daring tale, a young man discovers that sometimes who are is not as important as who you could become.

The End Chronicles, Book 3: The Last Testimony

A rising star climbs his way to the top of every organization he touches. The higher he climbs the more daring and further off course he gets. His decisions, though meant to benefit those around him, often result in devastating consequences. In this conclusion to The End Chronicles, the hero races from one bad decision to another as complete destruction looms. Can Colin Hames stop himself from succeeding, even when he knows that it may mean the end of the world as he knows it?

The Mythical Folks, Book 2: The Children of the Deep

Garbage, everywhere. Enough is enough. After one too many misguided secret waste ships dump their load over a hermit underwater dwellers home, the mermaid apocalypse is ready to begin. One angry, feisty, and possibly quite stereotypical merman has had it up to here and is about to bring the pain to a quiet New England coastal town. Those clam chowder bakes won’t know what hit them. Enormous squids, colossal sea snails, and one badass giant ninja seahorse are set to deliver every ounce of garbage ever dropped on this part of the sea back to mankind in this hilarious adventure.

The Mythical Folks, Book 3: An Ogre In Office

After the Pixie “Coming Out” and the events of the “Mermaid Apocalypse” the world has become much more at ease with what were once thought of as purely fictional characters. So much so, that five years later nearly every previously mythical creature has had their own coming out party. What no one expected was just how popular the ogres would be, or for that matter plentiful. The masters of smashing, farting, burping, and other socially inappropriate gestures have come out of the woodwork, and worse – earned the right to vote. Somehow, Girblebutt Stankporker The Third has been elected as mayor of a small Western Colorado mountain town, unsurprisingly filled with an overwhelmingly ogre populace. Despite being able to barely string together a coherent English sentence, Girblebutt has managed to succeed as mayor, and has unified his constituency, and set his sites on a higher seat. How far can he go?