I’m on track to release the first written fiction title on November 30th, 2017! This novel has been an idea floating around in my head since a very vivid dream occurred to me as a teenager. This book has gone through many iterations throughout the years and finally began to come together as a coherent story about 5 years ago.

The story itself is somewhat massive in size, and I decided it was necessary to break it into three titles. The first in this trilogy concerns a character whose mission could mean life or death for everyone on earth. This story was inspired by events in the Bible’s Old Testament but is pure fiction.

The events in this story build up to events in the upcoming two novels, which together make The End Chronicles series. I anticipate the next release of the story in June of next year and the final chapter of the series in November 2018. I’d love to get your feedback on the story, and will be distributing some early reader copies of the book in late November (before Thanksgiving). If you are interested in being an early reader please get in touch with me at brian@simvisr.com.

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